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The Value of a Higher Education

I’ve been kicking back and forth whether or not to write this article, but this concept has been weighing on my conscience for far too long.  Being a student in Computer Science, I am beginning to notice the students around me more, and their level of competency when it comes to the narrow topics that are being discussed in class.  For the most part, everyone tries their best and gets things done, and as adults tend to actually attempt to understand all of the material.

But there are a select few students that either are just not getting it, or are relying on the “No Child Left Behind” mentality to simply skate through the college experience and earn their degrees.  One problem with this set of students is that they are going to be completely shocked and overwhelmed when they reach a real work environment, and not all requirements and steps are set in stone and handed to them on a silver plate.

This is where my problem with the state of higher education stems.
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Project Visions: iGoverness – Part 2

Part 2 of our feature on improving our education system using modern technology and the iGoverness idea comes straight from Part 1. If you have not read Part 1 yet, please go back and read it so that you know the motivations for the following article.

Where the Modern Education System Fails
Surely, the modern education system and the standards that are followed have an immense value to living in the current conditions that the United States has to offer. But, as with all standardized systems, there are problems inherent to the way it works.

The first idea we are going to touch on consists of the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) initiative. Now, this initiative is certainly admirable, but it tends to change the dynamic of the economic system as a tertiary cascading effect as much as it does the way we teach our children. Continue reading