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The Challenge of Rewriting

On the fourth day of the New Year’s 30 Day Challenge, I’ve decided to take a look at the first chapter of my novel, Dimenxia, which I wrote 4 years ago. I’ve never had to do a substantial rewrite of a piece of literature before, and I decided to share my ideas to potentially help out other authors going through the process.

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New Year’s Challenge – Day 3

I transcribed 1545 words of Chapter 8 of my novel today. I have only one more handwritten chapter to transcribe, then I can get into editing the early chapters (which were written 3+ years ago) and then on to fleshing out the timeline!

Getting the eighth chapter of Dimenxia complete keeps me coming back to wonder about where this is all heading. Am I going to complete the entire novel, then go the traditional route of sending in the transcript to traditional publishers and get tons of rejections before finding a good fit.

Or, I could publish it myself through a system like Amazon’s Kindle marketplace. Or I could go even farther and go with some sort of home-made distribution system that seems to work so well.

There will certainly be plenty of research into this topic as I get further and further into my manuscript. Does anyone have any suggestions?

New Year’s Challenge – Day 2

Rack up one more day tallied on my daily challenge. I worked transcribing for another 15 minutes today.

Today was hard because it was jam packed full of other “stuff” to be done. But luckily, my wife is a gamer, and I was able to convince her to go for 20 minutes of Half-Life 2: Episode One while she waited for me to complete my goal.

Looking forward to the next few days!

New Year’s Challenge – Day 1

Day 1 has gone swimmingly, as I’ve transcribed Chapter 7 of Dimenxia into Google Docs.

Going back to writing that I did a few weeks ago is a different experience for me, and it seems that either I was very tired when originally writing this, or my style has actually changed a bit over the interim. But, it looks like that could only be a good thing, as there will be more self-editing to do.

My plan over the next 3 days is to finish transcribing the two other chapters that I’ve already handwritten, and then go back and rewrite Chapter 1.

I plan on writing an in-depth blog post about returning to old writings, based around my future experiences with rewriting Chapter 1.

That’s all, just a quick update to show that I’ve actually stuck to the plan for 24 hours!

The Power of Less New Year’s Challenge

Things have been pretty dry around here, as well as in my creative processes over the past few weeks. I caught wind of a New Year’s Challenge from the fine folks over at The Power of Less.

I have had a successful run at posting more on the blog over a 60 day period, but I will be focusing my efforts in this new challenge in a different direction: Creative Writing.

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Blogs and Resources for the Aspiring Writer

I’ve been coming across more and more sets of specific tips for the writer in all of us while browsing randomly around the web. While there are quite a few blogs that specifically post articles only about writing, there are lots of blogs that have a focus in some other area, and still manage to make the occasional post which relates to the art that we are trying to perfect.

Here’s a list with brief descriptions of blogs and resources that I have found useful while I’ve been working on the “Overneath” projects.

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When Do You Know When You’re Done?

Yesterday’s post, How Not To Write A Novel – Or 4 Ways To Drop The Ball quickly became the most read post on this blog. I wanted to follow up with another good writing topic that has been on my mind for the past few days.

When Do You Know When You’re Done?
Some writers start out with a clear vision, and a solid outline which allows them to write exactly what they need, regardless of whether there is extra content that seems to be needed for the story to properly be conveyed.

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Brainstorming and Ideas

I have been pretty much stagnating when it comes to the projects and ideas that I’ve come up with over the past five years. I have gotten pretty far into the Overneath universe, but motivation is starting to wane, as it has in the past.

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I have been working on some deep background information for my Overneath Project. I’ve written another 5,000 – 8,000 words, but I’m not sure if it will make its way into the first story, Dimenxia.

I’m finding it hard to focus lately, so I’ve been trying to get things into more physically identifiable pieces, so that I can feed better on the information.

The screenshot is of my Windows desktop, with the Hammer editor open. I am working on fleshing out the design of the main hospital that will be featured in all of the stories in the Overneath Project. Although I’ve done some mapping in the past, I’ve picked up quite a few new tricks after I purchased the Advanced Source Level Design DVD from Noesis.

I have only made it through about 5 minutes of the first video of the DVD, but I have learned a vast amount of shortcuts and interesting concepts that has allowed me to get ahead, and produce designs faster than I ever had from learning strictly on my own.

This is not a traditional video DVD, but actually a PC-DVD, which only shows the video through installed software. The videos are in .mov format, but somehow the audio is in a separate video file from the video, so I’m not able to watch the video on my Mac, while I do the editing on my Windows box.

While this isn’t really a big deal, since I have the resources to do so, it still creates problems with the software, and causes it to be extremely buggy.

I have two monitors, 3Gb of DDR2 RAM and a dual-core AMD processor, which should seemingly far exceed the need for just about any software in the Windows world. Well, the video still jumps and stutters. I would think that the videos were meant to be watched while using the Hammer level editor, rather than by themselves.

Maybe I just have a unique case, and as with a lot of Windows things, the combination of software packages that I have installed is causing some unknown and overblown issue. Regardless, these video tutorials are very useful, and I am going to learn more than I ever dreamed of about Source Level Design.

I will try to remember to make some progress updates. I am putting resources into this level design, so that I can better take the ideas of the world from my mind, into a more physical form, and finally to be able to describe them in the written word.

Also, Windows is leaving a seriously bad taste in my mouth during my use. I really wish I could easily and efficiently use Hammer in Wine in order to do all of the editing and testing needed for the level. Leaving Linux for Windows for brief periods is starting to wear on me. Maybe I can find a solution, and I’ll post a tutorial here.