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The Search For a Better Tag Line

Looking for a new tagline

I’ve been attempting to change some stuff around here on Worthless Genius, and I came to the conclusion that I need a better tag line. Though the current one does apply pretty well to what I talk about here, I think it’s about time to switch things up, and maybe head in a new direction.

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Writer’s Guilt



Every creative person before me has identified and dealt with a little issue that I’m going to call Writer’s Guilt.  Writers Guilt occurs in two distinct–yet definitely intertwined–forms.

It occurs to me that everyone with a creative pursuit must go through this ordeal and come away making a choice in either direction.  I have yet to make that choice, and end up doing 50% on both sides of the coin, rather than picking one and going full force.

What can I do about this?  Let’s first identify the two sides of the story, then we’ll do a little research to find out what ways other writers suggest to get past this social and personal road block.

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Creativity Blockage

I haven’t made much time recently to sit down and write. Between summer class AppIndie 2.0 work and family stuff, I haven’t exactly been a maven of productivity.

Just as I haven’t been writing any blog posts (the last one was when?), I haven’t been working much on my novels, or any of the other creative pursuits that I’ve come to enjoy. Though I make an effort to show up for my writing time, but nothing seems to come out when I sit down.

Writer’s block is probably nothing to stress about, but just the same, it feels me with that bit of anxiety that seems to permeate through the rest of my life.

While some of my friends and colleagues seem to be moving forward with their work and creative pursuits, I seem to be just stuck in the mud.
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Podcast Episode #5 – Apple Updates, The Linux Action Show, Mysterious Universe and More!

The fifth episode of The Worthless Genius Podcast is here!

Today I talk about 3 news items, a couple of Worthless Genius topics, and I ask for the help of the online community.

Here’s some links to what I talk about:


Worthless Genius Stuff:

And also, if anyone out there has some ideas for a library organization system that is:

  • Free
  • Open Source (so that I can monkey around with the internals)
  • Easy to Use

Let me know here in the comments, so that I can go check it out.

Thank you for listening, and feel free to discuss this episode here in the comments. You can also email me suggestions or comments at worthlessgenius [at] gmail.com, or hit me up on Twitter, @stroz. Also, check out my FriendFeed, with username strozykowski.

Or you can download it here: mp3 format

Comic #4 – The Second Adventure of Darwin Man

Wow, been a great few days so far in this 60 Days, 60(+) Posts initiative.  Here is the second comic in the Darwin Man series, and I hope you like it:

Insert Caption Here.

Insert Caption Here.

What is up with this Hollywood?  You seriously should listen to Jim.  There has been a flood of terrible ideas and remakes of movies not more than 30 years old lately.  Do you really think I’m going to pay $10 for a ticket to go see Predator – Not A Sequel?

Way to rape the childhood of your core audience there, Hollywood:

Well, I guess they’ll never learn.  Also, fuck you IMDB for having stuff behind a pay wall on a site that essentially should just be a wiki.

Podcast Episode #1 – Windows 7 Beta 1 Review


Windows 7 Beta 1 Review

I’ve never done any kind of audio recording or editing that would be publicly heard, so bear with me on this first episode of the podcast.

I’d like to take the podcast and make it a piece of audio every week that discusses some topic that has come up for me in my every day life as a geek. I haven’t planned a roadmap for this, so I’m not quite sure where it’s going to go, or even if it’s going to go.

I’ve been thinking of doing some sort of podcast for a long time now, mostly inspired by podcasts like The Linux Action Show. I don’t have any kind of fancy equipment, just a gaming headset and a version of Audacity to record my stuff. So expect a non-top-notch show, and if time goes on and things get better, maybe I can learn some new stuff and really advance my place in the audio world.

I am recording this with the onboard soundcard, as I don’t think I have a soundcard laying around that I could use for more serious recording. You might here a bit of high-pitched noise, and that’s most likely to do with the way that onboard soundcards work.

In addition to this audio review, which was recorded just about 24 hours after I installed Windows 7 Beta 1, I plan on doing a new post in about a week with my thoughts after using it in regular situations.

All this being said, I hope you like what I have to say, and I promise I’ll do better next time. Use the widget below to listen to it streaming in your browser:

Or you can download it here: mp3 format