R.I.P. Worthless Genius

Though last week’s announcement of being finished with my productivity quest was just an April Fools joke, this announcement is quite real.

I will no longer be updating the Worthless Genius blog, instead I will be moving onto a new blog at Stroz.net.

I plan on leaving all of the Worthless Genius posts and content here, and still following through on comments, etc. I will be putting together some kind of new layout to accentuate the most popular posts here, so that newcomers can find some value through all of the settling dust.

Two years is a good run, and I have learned much about writing, productivity, and all of the other topics that I have covered here in the past. I hope that some of my readers will follow me onto my new endeavor, and I look forward to seeing some familiar faces commenting over there.

If you would like to know more information about my motivations behind this switch, head on over to the first post on the Stroz.net Blog, and leave a comment there with your thoughts.

Thank you, reader, for a great 2 year run. Here’s to the future!

The Great Gaming Generation

For the people in my age bracket, video games had become ubiquitous during our youth. Our older brothers and sisters may have been the ones who purchased the consoles and games, but we grew up sitting in front of a television, plastic controller in hand.

Though many of my peers have moved past that piece of adolescent behavior, and onto more important matters, such as jobs and social relationships, there are still a few of us who prefer the interaction of NPCs over our meatspace brethren.

It is not nearly as bad as it sounds, but it can truly be a problem when one of us is attempting to start a business, reconnect with our past friends, or even just function as a decent member of society.

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The Epic Post Enigma

Every blogger out there has encountered the idea that content is king (or at least was at some point). Taking this idea to its extreme, we find that it becomes discouraging when the writer comes up with idea after idea, and none of them seem to be remotely epic in nature.

I certainly fall into this category. I get started working on a long list of posts to create, and eventually get to the point where I feel like no matter what I write about, it is not good enough.

Not having some way to organize and prioritize these ideas surely contributes to these discouraging thoughts that keep me from keeping up with the writing habit.

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Systematically Failing

I have learned much about myself through introspective thought. My need to create a system to reign in the chaos around my life–and the subsequent failure of each system tried–has created a kind of numbing toward the inadequacies of all existing systems and their ability to suitably solve many of my problems.

Systems that implement a broad spectrum of principles to fit many individuals, I have learned, do not work when applied to my personal situation.

Ultimately, this is not a failure of those systems, but rather a failure of my self to accept a system that has worked for many other people.

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Systematically Systemizing

If there is anything to be admired about modern man’s brain, it is its uncanny ability to create order from chaos.

We see this sort of behavior daily. Traffic lights, filesystems, smartphones, and (even more simply) our written and spoken language. While the evolutionary benefit may have passed its time, the concept of getting one’s life “in order” still sits at the forefront even into the 21st century.

Even in the world of knowledge workers, we tend to put systems in place which make us assume that everything is optimized.

I believe that simply attempting to create order out of the chaos of modern life leads me further down the path to chaos.

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The Road to Personalized Productivity – The Problem

The Road to Personalized Productivity

I have been through more than my fair share of productivity and organizational systems throughout my school and adult years. Each one promises a new level of understanding and claims to provide an easier way to organize the “stuff” in your life so that you can get to work with minimal hassle.

Though many people can easily choose one method and get that to stick, I have a harder time grafting the newfound habits and knowledge into my day-to-day life, thereby defeating any and all benefit that I would have seen if I was able to give it my all.

There is no one thing in my personality and style that prevents me from achieving to my potential, but rather a group of many different traits that work together to topple any attempt at making a change for the better.

My problem with many systems is that they are not my system.

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Write an Incentive Post to Kick-start Your Writing Goals

Black Hole

Where did the time go?

Sometimes I need little extra push to get myself pointed in the right direction. There are countless methods out there that proclaim to cure a writer of their creative blocks, or motivate even the most lethargic pencil pusher.

Nostrums! Snake Oil! Autism-causing vaccinations! OK, maybe not that last one.

As a slacker fueled by distractions, I have attempted just about every method out there to escape the event horizon of the anti-productivity black hole. Yet, even my ever-increasing mass does not seem to attract enough accountability to keep me from ignoring the goal all together and justifying my inaction.

Something a little more drastic must be done.

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