Overneath.net Launched

The blog over on Overneath.net has been officially launched.

The Overneath Project is a set of creative works that I have been brewing up for more than 7 years. The percentage of my attention that I’ve devoted to these works is such a small amount that I was ashamed to be tasked with getting the ideas out to the world.

This blog is going to be a few things. It is going to be a way for me to get my work out there to an audience that would never have even seen it. Also, it is going to be a way for me to create some accountability, and force me to get on with the process of writing and designing.

Without saying too much more, and spoiling some surprises, the works contained within are going to weave a tangled web of intrigue and explosive action.

So, if you have a few spare moments, head on over to the Overneath Project and take a look at the first release, and leave some feedback if you feel so inclined.