Weekend in Ohio

As noted in my last post, we spent the weekend in Ohio.

We left Cumberland at around 1:30pm on Friday, and stopped to eat at a Longhorn Steakhouse, which if you haven’t eaten there before, has extremely large portions of high-calorie foods. The food was quite good, but not nearly on par with the Outback Steakhouse (my personal favorite).

After eating there, we went on to a Border’s book store to have a look around. Of course, we can never spend time in a bookstore without spending lots of money. Luckily, we had a short time on Friday to actually look around, so no purchase was made.

We went to our hotel to check in, and pretty much collapsed until the next morning.

After our complimentary breakfast, we headed to Cleveland to spend some time at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I hadn’t been their since I was a kid, and I realised that the place did seem a good bit bigger earlier in life. They had a few interesting featured exhibits, and we finally got a copy of Help! on DVD.

Once we were finished mulling over celebrity’s personal effects, we headed to lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe. This is apparently the sixth that I’ve been to in the world (Montreal, London, Baltimore, Cleveland, Washington DC and New York City).

We stuffed our faces and were onto the Cleveland Natural History Museum. As with most museums of this type, there wasn’t enough time. We had to leave by 4pm in order to make it back to our hotel, get dressed up and go to our dinner-theatre show.

We saw The King and I at the Carousel Dinner Theatre in Akron. The show was amazing, and the food was divine. Myriah and I had never been to a dinner theatre before, but we were very excited and pleased with our experience. We got back to the hotel at midnight, and slept like babies until Sunday Morning.

We once again ate the complimentary breakfast, and went back to the Border’s Book Store. We spent a good bit of time, and a nice chunk of my father’s money. We got some good books for Benjamin, as well as some more reading material for us.

We ate at Quizno’s and had desert at the local Cold Stone Creamery. This is by far my favorite ice cream venue, and I certainly ate a good bit.

We took the 4 hour drive home, and finally got to see our son after a 3 days. He was excited we were home, and we were too, and we went to bed fairly early.

Overall, it was a fun and eventful weekend, and I’m certainly glad we went. We’ll be going again in a few weeks, to see Damn Yankees. I’m truly excited.