I’ve made a few changes to the style of the blog.

  1. New Width – Most people run 1024×768 or higher now, right? I’ve changed the fixed width from 800px to 950px in order to fit in some of the other enhancements on the sidebar.
  2. Digg Widget – I added a widget from so that readers of this blog will be able to check out the stories that I am digging.
  3. Google Reader WidgetDigg is not the only site that I follow on a regular basis. I follow quite a few more blogs and sites, such as LifeHacker, Unclutterer, Slashdot, io9 and Mysterious Universe, to name a few. This widget allows readers to see what stories I am sharing with my friends through Google Reader. If you would like to follow more closely, add me as a contact in Google Reader, and you’ll be able to see the stories I enjoy, as well as share new items with me.
  4. Logo – I changed the default logo for this theme, because it just wasn’t me. The new logo is that symbol that I created in the 5th grade that has stuck with me for so long. It’s simple and elegant.

That’s all for now. I do plan on making future enhancements, as well as publishing my artwork in a gallery here on the blog. For now, point your RSS Readers to the RSS Feed, and keep up with my future posts.