Doom 4

A wonderful, exciting and unexpected announcement graced the front page of id Software‘s website today.

That’s right! They are beginning production on Doom 4. The NewDoom Community is abuzz with this great news.

There is so much potential for them to get things right this time around. Doom 3 was often spoken of as the bastard cousin of the original, spectacular Doom series. It was way too dark, not enough outside areas, etc.

They can really win back the Doom fan base that is still going quite strong despite the 15+ years since the original was released. From the looks of some of the mod community’s projects, what Doomers really want is a faithful, yet updated release.

At the bottom of the post on the id Software website, is a call for talented people to sign onto the team and work on this monumental game. If only I had experience and more skill, I would shoot my resume their way.