I wanted to point everyone to a fun little game that I’ve been passively playing over the past week: PMOG

PMOG (Passively Multiplayer Online Game) is a game that you play while you’re doing your business as usual on the web. Like a traditional pen-and-paper RPG, you have experience points (called datapoints here), levels, weapons, armor, classes, etc.

You start out as a ‘shoat’ (which I just recently found out was a British form of ‘piglet’), and as you use your tools, and take missions, you slowly change your alliances to other classes in the system.

You can find a full description of everything over at The Codex. It is a very rich and entertaining experience.

You get badges for visiting certain sites enough times, using tools, and inviting people. You can take missions, which lead you to all corners of the internet, giving you more DP, and hopefully teaching you something along the way. (check out my generated missions on my profile page: slyde)

Even though this just recently came out of beta, it has been a fairly polished experience, and I am happy that I have gotten involved. Check it out!