Alright, admittedly, it’s been way too long since I’ve last blogged. I have a couple of stories coming up that should be a good read, including a Book Review.

Last weekend, we went to Ohio once again, to see ‘Damn Yankees’ at the Carousel Dinner Theatre. As always, the food was delicious, and the performance was good. This makes me wish that we did have a dinner theatre in this area, as it is a wonderful experience.

On Friday, we got to go again to the ‘Longhorn Steakhouse’, which is always a treat. Saturday morning, we went to a flea market (Amish or Mennonite), and had a wonderful time checking out the wares. We got a little something for everyone, and decided to make plans to return later in the year to complete our Christmas shopping.

After the flea market, we got to go swimming and spend time in the hot tub. This was very good, because Myriah’s knees were really hurting that day. We rested a bit and got ready for the dinner theatre.

The next day was basically breakfast and travel. We took the Pennsylvania Turnpike on the way home this time, and shaved almost 2 hours off of our trip.

I’ve been extremely hard at work the past week, trying to meet a deadline. Nothing like a good solid deadline to make you say ‘holy shit! I haven’t been working efficiently enough!’.