Ok, so it’s been far too long since I’ve posted here, and really I have no excuse. Here’s a few articles that have caught my attention recently.

  • No, I Will Not Fix Your Computer – This is a good article for those non-technical people out there. I get caught in the trap all the time to fix computers on the side from my day job, but usually I end up taking way too long and feeling guilty–which results in charging far less for my services than is actually feasible for me as a professional.
  • GraphJam – Not an article per se, but it is a very funny blog for us mathematical types. The readers submit graphs and charts with funny themes which tie-in with various pop culture references.
  • Twitter – Yes, I’ve started using Twitter. It’s really easy to keep in touch, especially if you’re running the TwitterFox Firefox Extension.
  • Text 2 Mind Map – This is a tool that I’ve been using a lot lately. It really helps flesh out ideas in a quick and easy fashion. I can’t wait until you can save your map as a flash file!
  • Cranial Constructs – Here we have a new site that I just recently launched. I’ll do a full writeup about it soon.

So, that’s what’s been in the pipeline for me lately. I enjoyed this little roundup, so I will probably do this again in the future.