Under Construction

Under Construction

I know it’s a very cliché thing to do, but at this point in my life, it’s become abundantly clear that I need to work on some sort of new organizational system.

As mentioned before, I purchased the Getting Things Done book from Amazon. As I’m reading through the first few chapters, I am realising more and more that the way I handle things is very messed up. I have hundreds of to-do lists and tons of pledges made to myself, my family and pretty much everyone else that I come across that never come to fruition. This is no way to live.

A lot of people have taken on this new system of life organization, and I can see already that if I can stick with it, it will work wonders for my life. I will be using Google Notebook to attempt to get my system in order over the next couple of hours/days. I am hoping it won’t take too long, as I do have high-priority things to do, but this is something that needs to be done unless I want to start going stock-raving mad.

The ideas have all been ones that I’ve contemplated over the past, but I could never find a good way of organizing them into a coherent and concrete system. This self-work will be very good for me, and will allow me to be much more efficient in the future.

In my ‘In’ list, I am putting a review for this book, and will be setting that aside for when I can successfully say that I’ve put it’s principles into action, and that I have changed my ways for the better.

Until then, this person is ‘Under Construction.’

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