Daily Review

This is something I hope to do everyday, a ‘Daily Review’. More for myself than anything, but it has several sections. I hope to add a section later for articles and information that I found interesting for the day, but right now it’s a bit late.



  • In – 0
  • Projects – 30
  • Projects Support Materials – 2
  • The link to the 10 weirdest museums highlights this issue of the “Morning Cup of Links”. Be sure to check out the comments on the museum story page, as they afford more oddities.

  • Reference – 1
  • To Read / Watch – 26
  • Maybe / Someday – 35

I was able to consolidate some of my projects, as they were more action steps for a single project than projects in and of themselves. Also, I was able to get through some of the reading material, which is good news, since it’s been piling up for a week or so.

Interesting Stuff

The first Daily Review seems to be a success. Let me know what you think.