Done Today

Hey, look at that, I actually got something accomplished today.

I updated the books that I’m reading, and the corresponding “Recently Read” widget on the Books Page. Also, I started and completed processing my “in” box using Google Notebook.

I was amazed to find that I had so many things piling up that I hadn’t taken any action on since I started reading “Getting Things Done”.

My “Projects” list contains 42 items. WOW! Guess I really need to start prioritizing my stuff. Here’s today’s breakdown of my notebook:

  • In – 0
  • Projects – 42
  • Projects Support Materials – 2
  • Maybe / Someday – 35
  • To Read / Watch – 30

In addition to getting these things organized, I also added an item to my calendar for later reminders.

I’ve never had a system that works well, so this is really an experiment in a new territory for me. I don’t want to make any promises about what I’m going to do, as I don’t want to add unsure items to my calendar, but I feel like I can truly become more productive with this new system.

I’m truly happy with the way I was able to get things off of my mind and onto ‘paper’ so that I can focus on the task at hand. Having an empty ‘in’ box is a truly exciting feeling.

So, I have a few book reviews to complete, and a few other things to do around here. Now they are all in a list that I can trust in a solid system.