Daily Review

Another day of unemployment, and quite a few more things getting done. Here’s a roundup of everything today.



  • In – 0
  • Projects – 30
  • Projects Support Materials – 2
  • Reference – 1
  • To Read / Watch – 27
  • Maybe / Someday – 36

While it looks like I simply added another article to read today, in truth, many actions were taken in the Projects list, as well as some under-two-minute actions as they came into the ‘In’ box. Overall it was a productive day, with some serious notes being drawn up for a future endeavor.

Interesting Stuff

  • Apple finally sues unlicensed Macintosh cloner Psystar [Digg] – Another great story, reported on through all of the major tech news sites, and gets some of the best comments out there from the community. I think this shows that there is a serious market out there for mid-range Mac towers, which Apple is neglecting. (Other sites: Slashdot, MacRumors and OSNews)
  • The Push For Quotas For Women In Science [Slashdot] – If you’re up for a good debate about male vs. female, try to make it through all of these comments. I think as long as the women are interested in the material, then let them in. But there is no reason to displace a male candidate who is eager with a woman who is ho-hum, just to fill a quota.
  • Morning Cup of Links: All About Snakes [mental_floss] – The link to the 10 weirdest museums highlights this issue of the “Morning Cup of Links”. Be sure to check out the comments on the museum story page, as they afford more oddities.