Daily Review

Not nearly as many things as I would like to have gotten done today, but I was able to cross a project off of my list, as well as taking care of a few things that came up during the course of the day.



  • In – 0
  • Projects – 34
  • Projects Support Materials – 2
  • Reference – 1
  • To Read / Watch -32
  • Maybe / Someday – 36

I was able to book our 5 year anniversary vacation today. This was a project that had been long coming, but we didn’t have the funding to get it done. Thanks to my dad for such a nice anniversary present.

I started to move my “To Read / Watch” list from Google Reader to Google Notebook to be in my weekly review, and one centralized place. This is a monumental task, and it will be taken a little at a time until I can eliminate and categorize every one of the 210 articles that I saved for a later date. Already, I’ve been able to delete 6, and move 4.

I’m going to forgo the Interesting Stuff section tonight, as I didn’t really come across anything today that was very exciting. Hopefully tomorrow will be different.