Projects and Action Items

I’m constantly watching, ever vigilant, as my “Projects” and “Someday/Maybe” lists begin to grow. Somewhere in the GTD philosophy, I’ve apparently missed the bit about next action items.

The projects remain abstract to me because I have not started to seek out the next action required to complete each project. This is not a good thing. I really need to sit down when I get the time to get through truly putting my mind into this work.

As a result, I’ve had to close up shop at until I can get my stuff straight. It pains me to have to do something like that, but it’s all I can do lately to motivate myself to write on this blog, let alone make solid progress day-to-day with such an all encompassing project.

So, I really need to sit back and review the issues I have with the system, so that I can cut through all of the unnecessary stuff, and truly get things off of my mind and into a trusted system. This will surely take time, but it will most definitely pay off in the end.