To Read / Watch

Over the past few months, I have been using Google Reader to cut down on unnecessary time sinks in visiting all of the sites that I want to get my news for the day.

Quickly, I began using the tags to separate stories that I didn’t want to read at the moment, but save for later. Now that I am working through GTD’ing my life, I remembered that I had a backlog of stories in Reader that I haven’t even considered to put on my “To Read / Watch” list.

So, I guess I have two options:

  1. I could forget about all of the articles, and just delete them and start anew. (If I haven’t read them by now, surely they’re not important)
  2. I could go through, eliminate the ones that aren’t worth reading, and add the ones that are to my “To Read / Watch” list.

There’s a big problem with the #1 option. That is that at one point in time I believed that those stories were important for some reason or other, so the possibility of me needing the information in the future is big. This creates redundancy when I need to look into similar topics in the future, when I could have them in my “To Read / Watch” list, and after reading and deeming them important, in my “Reference” list.

#2 sinks a lot of time, as I have a total of 210 saved stories, each one needed to be viewed and tags removed so that Reader “deletes” them.

I’ve decided to go with #2 in the interest of saving some time in the future. For articles that are less than a 2 minute read, I can get them read, and toss them. The others, I can stick in my “To Read / Watch” list, and read them at my earliest convenience.

Do you have a giant backlog of stories to read? If so, how do you get through them without becoming “numb” to the pile?