The Overneath Project is at a standstill, and as such has been benched for a little bit. I have a few reasons for taking this approach.

While reading Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity, and working my personal “stuff”, I’ve come to discover that I do have a lot more things on my plate than is humanly possible. I’ve put myself into a position where I’m never going to get everything done, so I have to start to weed out the ideas that need to be put into a “Maybe / Someday” category.

I’ve not completely abandoned the project, but it is obvious to me that I have more pressing matters to attend to. I’m still writing Dimenxia, and I still have the collection and organization of notes and supporting materials on my active “Projects” list, but these are more so that in the future, when I finally do have some time to sit down and really hit the ground running, I will be ready for it.

While I do waste a lot of time on meaningless internet-related things, I really am trying to learn to use my time wisely. If I am going to have to find a new job, I’m not going to have time to do creative things, I need to change my focus so that I can get some interviews, and find something that really works for me.

Although I haven’t truly lost interest in the project, it is starting to wan. I think if I can successfully put it out of my mind, and into my trusted system, I will be able to gain new perspective once I am able to devote the time and resources that the project truly deserves.

Keeping this all in mind, I do still truly believe that these ideas and stories exist outside of myself, and that I am just a conduit that was chosen to bring them to other people’s attention. Sometimes I feel like I am letting them down, but I feel like I am making the correct choice in putting them down for a bit, so that I can gain some truly fresh perspective and do them justice.

So, I will be putting the project on the back burner, until the time is right where I can put the effort into it, so that I can bring a nice polished piece of story to the world, rather than attempting to hack something out and never have it recognized for the amazing story it is.