Tybee Trip

Coming up (on August 9th) is my wife and my 5th wedding anniversary. After taking her down to Tybee Island in Georgia a few years ago, she fell in love with the place.

Her father is from Massachusetts, and as such, she had never been to a warm ocean. The only time she spent in the ocean was in New England, where often she would go numb before wanting to get out.

Tybee is a completely different experience, and it’s something that we both are very excited about. We’ll be staying the night of Thursday the 7th through the night of Sunday the 10th. This is going to be an excellent vacation for both of us, and we will be without our son for the first time on a very long weekend.

We will be staying at the Ocean Plaza Beach Resort which is probably no more than 35 feet from the beach.

Most likely, I will be making vacation posts, highlighting our time in Georgia, and letting everyone back here know how we are doing. I plan on making guest posts on my parents’ blog, DrStroz.com, as well as mirroring those posts here.

Things are going to get exciting, because at the same time, my parents and my step mother’s parents will be going to Europe. We’ll have twice as many blog posts a day than we have in the past!

I’m excited to see how this works out, and how many resources this will require to pull of successfully. Hopefully all will be well.