I have been working on some deep background information for my Overneath Project. I’ve written another 5,000 – 8,000 words, but I’m not sure if it will make its way into the first story, Dimenxia.

I’m finding it hard to focus lately, so I’ve been trying to get things into more physically identifiable pieces, so that I can feed better on the information.

The screenshot is of my Windows desktop, with the Hammer editor open. I am working on fleshing out the design of the main hospital that will be featured in all of the stories in the Overneath Project. Although I’ve done some mapping in the past, I’ve picked up quite a few new tricks after I purchased the Advanced Source Level Design DVD from Noesis.

I have only made it through about 5 minutes of the first video of the DVD, but I have learned a vast amount of shortcuts and interesting concepts that has allowed me to get ahead, and produce designs faster than I ever had from learning strictly on my own.

This is not a traditional video DVD, but actually a PC-DVD, which only shows the video through installed software. The videos are in .mov format, but somehow the audio is in a separate video file from the video, so I’m not able to watch the video on my Mac, while I do the editing on my Windows box.

While this isn’t really a big deal, since I have the resources to do so, it still creates problems with the software, and causes it to be extremely buggy.

I have two monitors, 3Gb of DDR2 RAM and a dual-core AMD processor, which should seemingly far exceed the need for just about any software in the Windows world. Well, the video still jumps and stutters. I would think that the videos were meant to be watched while using the Hammer level editor, rather than by themselves.

Maybe I just have a unique case, and as with a lot of Windows things, the combination of software packages that I have installed is causing some unknown and overblown issue. Regardless, these video tutorials are very useful, and I am going to learn more than I ever dreamed of about Source Level Design.

I will try to remember to make some progress updates. I am putting resources into this level design, so that I can better take the ideas of the world from my mind, into a more physical form, and finally to be able to describe them in the written word.

Also, Windows is leaving a seriously bad taste in my mouth during my use. I really wish I could easily and efficiently use Hammer in Wine in order to do all of the editing and testing needed for the level. Leaving Linux for Windows for brief periods is starting to wear on me. Maybe I can find a solution, and I’ll post a tutorial here.