Some Thoughts

I have been feeling extremely sedentary the past two or three days. I’m not sure what it is, weather, alignments of the planets, bad habits; but one thing is for sure: this can’t go on much longer.

I have been working more with Hammer, and have put a few more hours into the work that I’ve done. I’m thinking about doing a few different things with my development techniques, such as starting to save to different backups every day. I went in and made an adjustment to the geometry of my level, and all of the sudden when running, the skybox is completely fubared. I’m sure this is something that I’m doing wrong, but it’s frustrating to no end.

Maybe if I make daily seperate backups, or even backups for incremental changes, I can just go back and start the technique over again. The way it looks now, is that I’m going to have to start over, or seriously sit and try to figure out what’s wrong. I hate starting over after doing so much work, but It’s probably better for optimization in the long run anyway.

I need to figure out how I work. It’s been a long time since I’ve had work to do, but no real schedule. When I was in high school, other than in-school time, I could work whenever it suited me. I would end up staying up all night writing ideas, listening to music, and just letting things flow. Obviously, now I have more pressing responsibilities, but the fact remains that I need to find my groove and stick with it.

I really don’t feel that what little I’m getting accomplished is working, and I really need to figure out when I am most productive, and try to center all of my energy to that time. The only problem is that I’m afraid that it will be completely incompatible with everyone else in my immediate circle, which will leave me essentially in another time zone.

I’m not sure what to do, but I am going to have a brainstorming session later today to develop these ideas, and to try to figure out what’s best not only for my health, but also my mental health and that of those around me.