Resolution Blues

I’ve been doing more work using my aging iBook G4, and I’ve come to miss one main thing that I get from my desktop: screen real estate.

The iBook maxes out at a 1024×768 resolution, and though that might have been amazingly convenient when the iBook was first released, now in the age of high resolution desktops and multiple monitors, it’s really just a pesky limitation.

The display physically can’t display anything more than 1024×768, so it seems that I’m stuck with switching spaces or dealing with apple-tabbing through windows in order to get anything done.

I realised that the one app that’s really taking up the most space on my desktop is Firefox. I could use the zoom feature of this wonderful browser to view web sites at a lot smaller zoom level, therefore saving a bit of screen real estate. The only real problem is that I would have to change the zoom level every time I open a new site.

That’s where NoSquint comes in. NoSquint is a Firefox extension that allows you to save a default zoom level for all pages, and even allows a list of certain pages to be configured to load at a separate zoom level on a site-by-site basis.

Now I’m browsing at 75% zoom level, and I’m able to keep my Firefox window much smaller, which allows me to better switch between applications while I’m working.