Tybee Trip, Day 2

Well, Thursday was a bit of a disappointment for us both.

We started driving at around 10:15pm on Wednesday night and, other than stopping for gas, drove through until we arrived at our hotel around 10:30am. They let us check in early, so we hauled all of our stuff up here and I basically just passed out, after not having slept for 27 hours.

I woke up around 3:30pm, and it was raining. What a bummer, we were planning on going out to the beach on our first day, but it’s thundering pretty bad. So, we decided to shower and get ready, and we headed over to our favorite restaurant of the area, The Crab Shack.

I got the BBQ Ribs, and Myriah got the Half-and-Half with shrimp and crab legs. We shared each of our dishes, as they are always monstrous. After dinner, we walked around a bit, looked at the alligator pond, saw a few cats, and went into the bird house to see the Macaw’s and other Parrots.

We got in the car, and headed back to the hotel, and I decided I wanted ice cream, so we stopped at the ATM, then headed over to the “Sugar Shack” for some hand-dipped icecream. Myriah got a chocolate malt, and I got a cookie dough scoop on a waffle cone.

We drove back to the hotel, and decided that since it wasn’t raining, and it was warm enough, maybe we should at least go walk on the beach, so we headed over (Myriah had finished her malt, I was still carrying my ice cream). When we got there, we could see a visible divide in the sky where the thunderheads were moving in over the ocean. It was really neat, one side a light grey, the other almost black.

Myriah saw one lone seagull, so she asked for a bit of my cone, and threw it to him. As the cone chunk left her hand, 50 more seagulls showed up, staring at Myriah. So, we fed them a few more chunks, and it started to rain really hard.

We made it back to the hotel and into the freezing air conditioning.

If only today would be any different, but it looks like the Weather Channel has other ideas for us:

  • The REAL STROZ!!!

    Once again, CONGRATULATIONS on your 5th Anniversary. Have a ton of fun down there!