Lose One, Pickup Another

Yesterday was the last day for me to renew DiggNitty.com through GoDaddy. Though I’ve never done this in the past, I let it slide, so that I can save a few bucks a year, as well as giving the world back a domain name. The project was doomed from the start, so there’s no hurt feelings over letting it go, but there is something about letting an asset free that just eats my soul a little.

Well, out with the old, in with the new.

Brown Recluse Design is the newest member of the Stroz.net hosting family. There is no content currently on that page, as you can plainly see, but in good time we will have some very interesting stuff there for you.

The site is being set up by a Graphic Design student currently at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, and will be a portfolio and showcase of his works. I have been very fond of Jason’s work in the past, and I know that he will be cranking out some good works in the future.

As things progress more, I will be posting more here, so just keep an eye out for news.