Office Cleanup – Day 1

When someone walks into their home office, ideally they will be walking into a comfortable place which is inducive to relaxation and getting things done. I’ve had my home office for about 4 years, and not once in that span have I felt comfortable in it.

I always set out with the best of intentions to finally clean things up, organize and remove things that are completely unnecessary. As you can see from the following photos, that really isn’t the case right now.

Note: Sorry about the terrible quality of the images, I have to use an old digital camera while our good camera is indisposed. Also, follow the link to my Flickr photostream to see commented areas.

This is my terrible looking workspace as it stands. This is hardly conducive to the creative process. The following are what the rest of the room looks like.

Where do you start with a mess like this? My first task will be trash and recycling cleanup. Most of the outright trash is collected in the trash cans, or in trash bags along that one wall of the room.

After the first day of cleaning, I will attempt to take another set of photos from similar vantage points to see what kind of visual progress has been made. Wish me luck.