Shiny New iPods

Apple held a press conference today unveiling their new iPod Nano and Touch designs. While the Touch design seems to be a ho-hum upgrade, bringing it closer to an iPhone without the phone, the Nano designs are quite interesting.

New iPod Nano

I have yet to watch the enigmatic Jobs give his speech, I am waiting to do so on the point that I’m not all that excited about the changes that were made to the lineup.

I have always wanted to get an iPhone since their inception, but the lock-in to AT&Ts network has made the transition a no-go. Naturally then, I would want to get an iPod Touch, as it’s basically an iPhone without the phone.

Why am I bummed then? Well, if the Touch would have had GPS, I would have been sold. Right here, right now, I would want to buy one.

I don’t have a GPS device in my car, and this would be a wonderful addition. I would still have to carry around a cell phone, but at least I could get my email and web browsing fixes on the go.

Perhaps it’s a good thing that I don’t have that kind of money to throw around, or else I would have been an early adopter and gotten shafted in the first generation. It pays to be a bum, I guess.