60 Days, 60(+) Posts

This blog as been really stagnate as of late. I had been messing around with the features provided in WordPress so that I could begin writing when the fancy hit me, and distributing the publications of the blog so that they were on a more regular basis.

While this feature is great, and really does allow me to work at my own leisure, I think I had relied on it too much. What I mean by this is that I haven’t necessarily been feeling like writing, but have had plenty of ideas on my mind.

This brings about a bit of procrastination that is so greatly exaggerated in my life. I had been relying on the urge to write, and had therefore been at my mind’s own mercy when it came to writing down my thoughts.

Now, I would like to announce a new initiative to attempt to get myself into a more authorly mood.

60 Days, 60(+) Posts
What this initiative means is that I will attempt to more regularly post my ideas and thoughts, and try not to procrastinate as much as I have so much in the past.

I hope to put out (at least) one post per day for the next 60 days. Hopefully, this will get me in front of the keyboard doing something more productive instead of say, watching The Linux Action Show and lamenting about how I never get anything done.

What will the posts be about?
I have not decided on having one solid theme throughout, but hope to post about a variety of topics that are near and dear to me. I am hoping that I can get something out every day for the next 60, and that I won’t just be sitting on my butt wasting all of my precious time.

This will serve a two-fold mission: More content and higher initiative.

If I can get myself to write as often as that, most likely I’ll be able to push myself to do other things as well. Though I have no idea how this will work out, maybe, just maybe it will be for the best.

So, in conclusion (what am I in 6th grade?) what I hope to see is more content, better topics and the hope of getting through the work that has plagued me for too long.