How Not to Live Your Life

Recently, I’ve come across a gem of British TV. Most of the time, I tend to find British humour very amusing, and I was not disappointed this time.

How Not To Live Your Life is an absolutely brilliant romp in the life of Don Danbury, a real, honest-to-god dickhead. The show starts out with Don inheriting a “massive free house” from his deceased grandmother, only to find that she also left him with a massive amount of debt.

In order to keep the free house, he must either take in a roommate, or get a good job. He puts an ad out, and takes interviews for a new roommate. To his surprise, it’s an (absolutely stunning) old high school acquaintance that he was completely in love with.

Adventures really do abound as Don tries to get on Abby’s good side, despite her having a real douche of a boyfriend.

The shining moments of the show come during the strange interludes. During a particularly nervous encounter, the show breaks into a list of bad ideas that Don could perform in that situation.

For instance, Don gets fired from a job in which he is sleeping with this direct superior. The interlude shows “5 Things Don Shouldn’t Do After Being Fired.” In one instance, he climbs onto her desk, drops trou, and proceeds to urinate all over her. Another shows him arguing with her “No, you’re fired!”, “No, Don, you’re fired”, “No, you’re fired.”

In each of these little interludes, the real magic of the show shines through. Though the acting isn’t above par on all accounts, the show is truly entertaining.

And then there’s Eddie. Eddie is a creepy (in a pseudo-homosexual way) nurse who looked after Don’s Nan while she was alive, and is sticking around taking care of Don even though he isn’t welcome or being paid. You really must see the situations to believe them.

This is a definite must-watch for anyone who enjoyed The Office, The IT Crowd, and I would even venture to say Monty Python’s Flying Circus. If you get a chance, check it out, I highly recommend it.

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