I have decided to let yet another of my domains pass through the re-registering process and go back out to the public domain. was, for a short time, the homepage of my open-source PHP-based blogging and website management software. I ran into quite a few issues while trying to get the code base into a place that was on par with the other platforms out there.

First of all, I had an extremely small userbase, limited only to friends and family. This is a circular issue, as it completely depended on the maturity of the codebase.

Next was the issue of spam. Spam is a completely ridiculous concept, and yet it is an inherent part of modern digital life. I wish I could say that it wasn’t so, but that’s just wishful thinking. I was unable to put the time and effort into a simple monitoring and administering system for my non-techy users to delete thousands upon thousands of spam messages that would creep into every facet of the software.

This lead me to work on a CAPTCHA system that simply confounded my userbase. Though CAPTCHAs are now a normal part of online life, at the time, they were almost unheard of.

The maturity of the up and coming WordPress and Movable Type blogging software systems pushed me over the edge. I ended up installing WordPress for myself and my other hosted sites. This was a no-brainer for me, and I still don’t regret the decision.

Working on this software afforded me quite a few insights into taking a product from concept to completion and beyond. While it was quite powerful, and I knew the code inside and out, in the end it simply came down to ease of setup and use for an end user.

I had kept the domain around for the simple fact that I had planned on doing something new with it. I own more than 30 domains right now, most of which are just stubs for unfinished projects. I’ve let this one go, and hope that someone can use it for good in the future.

Not having money for extravagant properties helps put things in perspective. I can’t afford to just hang on to these domains if I’m not going to put some work behind each and every one of them. Perhaps the future will afford me more insight and time to work through some of these stub projects, but only time will tell.