Yesterday turned out to be an exciting day. My son’s grandmother, who usually watches him on days when I have school, was away at a retirement party for his grandfather. So, the whole day he got to spend with his daddy.

We went to his Papa’s office and spent some time having fun with stickers, bubbles and a medical glove that was blown up and tied off to look like a chicken.

Then, we headed down the street to the M&M Bakery on Baltimore Ave. His aunt Heather works there, and we were treated to a free chocolate chip cookie, which he devoured after spending some time talking.

We walked down to The Book Store on Centre St., where we had a great time looking at books and stuffed animals. We picked up 3 Charlie & Lola books, and a great little book about the changing seasons, falling leaves and a curious little fox.

After this, he was feeling quite cranky, so we headed home. Yesterday was an action-packed day, full of tantrums with a new 2 year old intensity.

Overall, it was very busy, and very fun. I enjoy the break from school every now and then, and it’s especially appealing to me to spend the time with my son.