I’ve been realizing more and more as I update the Stroz.net blog that if I want to end up using that site as a basis for a professional profile and portfolio, that I need to separate the junk from my more professional designs.

Thus, Worthless Genius was born.

With the updates I will be making to Stroz.net, with improved galleries for both designs and sketches, as well as my professional portfolio and a hosting information site, I’ve decided to take the blog off the main site, and move it to here.

Right now, the fate of the Stroz.net blog and its posts is unclear. I may end up attempting to backup relevent posts and installing them here on this site, or I may just get rid of the whole thing. I need to put some more thought and planning into the whole web of the Stroz.net family, in order to separate information into more usable chunks, and to make things a bit easier for people to find.

So, don’t mind the growing pains here, and look forward to a Mission Statement post for more information on the purpose and future of this blog.