Software Spotlight: Synergy

I wanted to change things up a bit from the droll rants and incoherent ramblings. Today, I’d like to spotlight a program that I use on a daily basis, and kind of “share the love” with anyone wanting to streamline their computer use.

The Synergy Project is a software component that provides KVM functionality through a server-client software product.

Do you have multiple computers that you use constantly, and have a whole bunch of keyboards and mice laying around your workspace? No need to buy expensive KVM hardware, just download and install the Synergy software to your PCs, regardless of platform.

Not only can you share one keyboard and mouse across multiple computers, the clipboard is constantly shared across the setup, allowing you to easily move text and URLs from one machine to the other.

The Setup Process
Using the plain server/client setup, things can be a little hard to handle on the OS X/Linux side. With the Windows version, there is a nice GUI application for configuring both the server and the client.

With the OS X and Linux versions, configuration must be done through the configuration files, which use a fairly cryptic format.

Well, not to worry, there are GUI tools out there. On OS X, I use Mac OS X Synergy Configurator. With Linux, I find that the QuickSynergy program works wonders.

My Setup
I use two computers on a regular basis. I have a G4 iBook that sits next to the monitors for my desktop PC which dual-boots Ubuntu and Windows XP, which runs the Synergy Server.

Using the GUI tools, it couldn’t be easier to get things up and running.

I use this software the entire time I sit in front of my computer setup, and it couldn’t work better. This software has allowed me to successfully unclutter my workspace, with only one keyboard and mouse across the platform.

So, go, download the software and get started right away.