Requiem for a Podcast

It’s been a long time since I’ve had the joy of listening to my favorite podcast of all time, Mysterious Universe. This wonderful podcast stopped production just short of its 100th episode.

Looking back, I realise now that Mysterious Universe was the first podcast that I ever listened to. Before I joined Digg and started to listen to Diggnation, there was Mysterious Universe.

Mysterious Universe was a romp in the world of the unexplained and pseudo-scientific world of the supernatural. From stories of Bigfoot to tales of UFO abductions, Benjamin Grundy kept you listening intently as you learned about all kinds of new, f’ed-up things that happen all around us on a regular basis.

Now some of the stories might have turned out to be hoaxes, but that’s something you have to deal with when talking about anything unexplained. The great vocals and background music kept this podcast alive, and kept you coming back for more.

The podcast became so popular that it spun off another show, Mind Shots, and began taking on a paid model. After this success, though, the shows’ sole host became overwhelmed and was not able to keep on going.

Though it’s been a year since we’ve heard any news about this, I still feel like there is a hole in my iPod that isn’t easily filled by any of the podcasts that I’ve picked up in that time.

If only Mr. Grundy could get back into the habit, maybe I could be once again filled with that childhood passion for the unexplained.

But, alas, it probably will not happen. I wish Mr. Grundy all the luck in the world with his new endeavors, and hope that he doesn’t look back on his time with Mysterious Universe with contempt. If you haven’t heard this podcast before, look around, you may be able to find the 94 episodes for download somewhere. It’s well worth the bandwidth.