Software Spotlight: VLC

To continue on with my series of posts spotlighting software that I use on a daily basis, I would like to introduce the VideoLAN VLC Media Player.

VLC is a wonderful, cross-platform project that I use very often. It provides playback functionality for all the major formats out of the box on all three major platforms.

My wife and I watch all of our favorite TV shows using this player. We have a content server running Linux, and we stream all of our video over a wireless connection from a Samba share on the content server straight into VLC.

VLC is a customizable media player that allows for skins, plugins, streaming (both client and server-side) all while not being a complete resource hog.

Before VLC, we were using MPlayer. Although MPlayer is a full-featured media player, we ran into a few issues streaming our videos over our wireless 802.11n network. Stuttering is not something that we take lightly, and that’s where VLC excels.

When we are not watching .avi files streaming from our content server, we watch our digitally backed-up DVD collection. Streaming over a wireless network, DVD playback is flawless with VLC. This is an admirable trait, as there are times when more than one person is streaming from the server, and we see minimal issues.

So, if you’re into digital video, check out the VLC project, and enjoy your viewing experience with the most streamlined media player out there.