Software Spotlight: Neuro Programmer 2

Today’s Software Spotlight is centered around a program that I have been using for 2 years.

Neuro Programmer 2
Neuro Programmer 2 is:

an innovative software application for the PC, built to help you stimulate your brain and achieve lasting personal change. NP2 combines brainwave entrainment, hypnosis, visualization and other psychological techniques to help you transform your mind and enhance your mental abilities.

Now, before I purchased this software package, I wasn’t really into this sort of thing. I really felt like hypnosis and mind altering was kind of a pseudo-science. Although I was seeking mind altering experiences in more self-destructive manners, I had never really given any credit to more subtle means.

I had come across this product from a coworker, and immediately fell in love with the way it made me feel.

The use of this product consists of putting on a pair of headphones and sitting back and relaxing for a few short minutes during your busy day.

I tend to use Theta and Beta wave sessions. These provide me with the opportunity to sit back, kick my feet up and truly relax and think things through. These sessions provide me insight into the various issues that I deal with on a regular basis.

Though this sort of product might not be for everyone, I suggest that you download the free trial, and at least give it a shot for a few days/weeks. It has made drastic improvements to my ability to focus, and has brought some new coping mechanisms into my life.

The only issue I have with the software is that it is Windows-only. Because of the libraries it uses, it is impossible at this point to run it under WINE in Linux.

Aside from requiring Windows, this is a wonderful software product, and well worth spending some time to try out.