I’ve decided to make a few changes about how I am presenting posts here on this blog. As it stands now, everything is just pretty much random, without any kind of schedule. This definitely feels sloppy to me.

So, I’m going to be changing things up with the content to try to get myself into the writing mood in a new way. I’ve already been chugging along with the 60 Days, 60(+) Posts initiative, and will be reaching that point a bit earlier than expected. I want to see how many posts I can do in 60 days, and the easiest way to do that, in my opinion, is to do a different category post for each day of the week.

Right now, I’m featuring a Project Vision of the iGoverness idea. I have 6 or 7 other project ideas that will span 3 or 4 posts of about 1000 words each when they are featured. This is by far the largest category that I will be writing in.

Also, I have been writing quite a few Entertainment articles lately. I am messing with a bit of re-categorization with these posts, so that I can better present my opinions of the TV Shows, Movies and Video Games.

And finally, I have been doing Software Spotlights on the software that I use on a daily basis. I have quite a few more of these, as I use Windows, Mac OS X and Linux every day, and each has its own program set. Expect to see a large number of posts in this category.

So, I am toying with, and implementing a new release structure based on the days of the week:

  • Monday – Project Visions
  • Tuesday – Software Spotlight
  • Wednesday – Project Visions
  • Thursday – Entertainment: TV Shows
  • Friday – Project Visions
  • Saturday – Software Spotlight
  • Sunday – Entertainment: Movies

This is just a tentative schedule at this point, but one that I hope to stick to for a long time coming. Because of the sheer size of the Project Visions category, it will be featured 3 times a week.

The Entertainment: Movies category will be done on Sunday, as almost weekly we are treated to dinner and a movie by my father and stepmother. I would like to make this a mainstay, as we do see a lot of movies in our day-to-day life.

This accounts for one post a day, which should be a fine pace. Any other posts will be done in the mean time, and I fully expect to have 2 posts a day almost regularly.

So, with this restructuring in mind, I will be posting the third installment of the iGoverness idea today, and the fourth on Monday. I invite you to weigh in on this idea, and let me know what you think.