Resources for Web Developers and Designers

Recently, I’ve been going back to college to finally get my degree in Web Development. For a teacher, I gathered links that I had used in my work out in the field. Here is a collection of everything I could think of.

Firefox Add-ons
Web Developer:
The ability to view table structures, CSS element information, change the view size of the browser to certain resolutions. Also has a JavaScript console for viewing errors. Indispensable, must-have tool.

Pulls colors from webpages with a dropper tool, gives hex and RGB values.

The best and cheapest web registrar. Get domain names, hosting and other cool stuff with your purchase.

Find checkout codes for discounts on any ecommerce site.

Instant Domain Search:
Instantly search for available domains.

Easily create high quality websites with live CSS changes and layout changes. Their hosting will survive a GIANT amount of traffic. Be sure to check out the videos of the designers recreating famous websites and blogs in a matter of minutes.

THE best place to find standard tutorials for web development. Every web technology is represented here. This is a must-have resource for modern developers.

W3 Validator:
Validation service for W3 standards. This is a great tool for finding errors in your site, and why things look all messed up. I use this multiple times every day.

Google Webmaster Tools:
Tools for easily viewing the way Google crawls your sites. Also can submit sitemaps for easy indexing from the Google Bots.

Stack Overflow:
Unparalleled community for asking questions about any programming language, and easy search functions to see if your question has already been answered. Kind of a Digg for developers.

Cheat Sheets for Front-End Developers:
Awesome stuff.

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Scripting Help –
The best resource for the PHP scripting language. Pretty much, if you know what you want a function to do, type it into the search box, and you will get a function and a description.

MySQL Manual-
A great resource for finding out the functions and syntax of using MySQL.

Coding Horror –
Coding Horror is a blog that addresses various issues with writing software. More recently, the posts have been centered around building web applications, like the author’s Stack Overflow project.

The Official Google Webmaster Blog –
This blog provides information about setting your sites up to be more compatible with Google’s automated search functions, allowing your site to get more exposure.

Design Resources
Setup and use color schemes from existing pictures, and user-submitted color schemes.

55 Free High Quality Icon Sets:
Free icons for use with your computer or website. Some icons cannot be used for commercial purposes, check each set for specific rules.

40 CSS Layout Tutorials:
Tutorials for dealing with CSS layout design.

JavaScript Graphing/Charting for Data on Web Pages:
Different tools for developing charts and graphs for data on webpages.

Themed Fonts:
Fonts of certain themes.

1001 Free Fonts:
All kinds of free fonts. This is the site I use personally for fonts when doing a design project. (Far more than 1001 fonts there)

300+ Vintage Style Textures and Photoshop Brushes:

400+ High Quality Patterns:

Development Programs:
Notepad++ (Windows):
A Notepad-like text editor with tabbed interface. It supports syntax highlighting and folding for TONS of languages, including XHTML, CSS, PHP and C++.

BBEdit (Mac OS X):
Pretty much the same stuff as Notepad++, but for OS X. It is pay software, but there is a trial for it.

gEdit (Linux):
Same as the other two, but for Linux. Wonderful feature set, and very fast and easy to use.

Other Tools
Slim Timer –
Slim Timer allows you to keep track of the amount of time that you are working on specific projects. This is a great resource for freelancers and code monkeys alike.

GTD Agenda –
GTD Agenda is a web application that provides an interface to help you keep track of your tasks, next actions, goals and projects. See my review here for more information.

If anyone has any other good resources, leave a comment, and I’ll add it to the list after checking it out.

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