Why I Voted Today

I Voted

I Voted

That’s right, I voted today, and am wearing one of these cheesy stickers. Why am I even bothering to post this post, if all of the millions of other bloggers out there are doing the same thing? Because I can.

We here in America like to use our First Amendment rights in order to express ourselves freely. Though I won’t discuss my particular political leanings in this post, I will discuss the actual reason why I voted.

Politics aside, it’s very important for an American citizen to become a part of the system, however flawed it may be. To cast your ballot is a wonderful feeling, knowing that in an indirect way you are part of a working system to bring change to the country.

The way I, and many others, see it is this: If you don’t vote, don’t bitch about the choice that was made for you. That’s right, I’m one of those guys. Whether or not the Electoral College goes with the candidate I chose, I can sleep sounder tonight knowing that I showed up and put forth the effort to try to bring about change.

The whole Electoral College system might have been a useful system in the days when information could not have been passed quickly, but today it remains an anachronistic joke. The fact is that the popular vote in America can easily be tabulated and transmitted to the proper authorities before the end of the election day. Why we need to still have this dusty old system is beyond me, but as a man wiser than I once said: “Change won’t happen overnight.”

To see record numbers of my fellow citizens out there in the polling places casting their ballots is something to warm my heart. Regardless of the sides they choose, the fact of the matter is that our young generation is actually doing something. Today, nearly 30% of the registered voters in our county made it into the polling places before noon.

Our county isn’t particularly open minded, and is certainly not among the highest average IQ in the country, but each vote counts just the same.

It’s amazing to me to see the saturation of stories on the internet about this election that started even 4 years ago. Just browsing the thousands of stories that covered this election on the popular news site Digg.com shows the amount of information that passes through the public’s eyes before they have a chance to make a choice based on gender, race or age.

I’m not sure if this year’s election outcome was changed by this saturation, but I am sure that people know the candidates better, personally and politically, than they ever have before. Though the internet existed for the past few presidential elections, it seems like people are turning more to the internet now for their news and getting the facts than ever before.

In the past, I was never one to wax patriotic, but today I feel proud of my country. The level of involvement that I’ve had with this election and the popular media (albeit a personally-chosen subsection of the overall media) has left me with a little bit of hope for the future of our country, and our world. Though I believe that big changes are coming, the fact is that the people in office now lived during periods of extreme discrimination, between genders, sexual identity and especially race. This predisposes them to have some form of subconscious views on these matters which should not even be issues in today’s day and age.

I look forward to the fresh blood being injected into Washington in the coming future. I think we, as citizens, will be more and more proud when the old is taken out, and the new brought in.

For a child of the 80s, I can say that I grew up without knowing racial bias. It was taught as a strict non-issue throughout my elementary education, and that has stuck with me. As far as I’m concerned, the president could be a purple Muslim transsexual, and as long has he/she/it was close to my beliefs in regards to where the country should be headed, I would vote for him/her/it.

So, whether or not you side with my views on this, there is still plenty of time left today to get out there and make a difference. If you haven’t voted yet, what are you waiting for?

  • Isis

    Wow, and to think when I met you, you couldn’t care less!

    I am so very proud of you and the man you are, and the person that you are becoming!

  • Leigh

    Yes, I was one of those in our county who voted before noon. I am a first time voter as well.

  • craig

    Wait a minute…I voted for the purple, transsexual-muslim.

  • Matt

    This was my first time voting too and even though my candidate didn’t win, I’m glad to say I was a part of this.

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