The Power of Less New Year’s Challenge

Things have been pretty dry around here, as well as in my creative processes over the past few weeks. I caught wind of a New Year’s Challenge from the fine folks over at The Power of Less.

I have had a successful run at posting more on the blog over a 60 day period, but I will be focusing my efforts in this new challenge in a different direction: Creative Writing.

I’ve mentioned here before that I’ve been working on a series of intertwining stories over the past few years. With the shear amount of material that is floating around in my house and in virtual space regarding these stories, I would be hard pressed to fit them into a novel-sized container. So, as it looks right now, there will be 3 separate novels that all share a common universe, but will portray different areas of the same overall storyline.

I have a total of 12 chapters completed over the 3 proposed novels, and am always drumming up new ideas to back up the research and writing that has already gone into them. I have a mound of sketches, blueprints for buildings, and character back stories, but am without any kind of organizational structure.

I plan on using this challenge as a way to not only advance the written stories, but also to cull all of the materials I have and put them into some sort of package for distribution and passing things on to other people for editing purposes.

What it looks like right now is that I will be using Google Docs to share the completed portions of this project with the editors. Most likely I will do the new writing directly in Google Docs, and just share once I am confident with the level of polish.

What am I going to do with the finished project? That’s outside of the scope of this challenge, and I don’t think I will be considering the means to get this writing out there until I am sufficiently pleased with the level of completeness.

I look forward to taking 10 minutes every day to begin writing again, and hope that I can grow this into a new habit that stays with me for the rest of my life. I plan to not only update in the Power of Less forums, but also to write a quick blurb here to give everyone an idea of how I’m progressing. So, if you’re interested, subscribe to the feed, or just check back occasionally to see what kind of stuff has been done, and maybe there will be small tidbits of story for people to consume.

I encourage you to take the challenge yourself, and would be very interested in the new habits you are forming. Leave a message here, or give a pingback, and I’ll check out your stuff. Happy habit hunting!

  • Steve Robinett

    I like it! Thousands of years ago when I was an undergrad pursuing a music degree, I realized that an hour of practice each day yielded better results than 5 hours in any given day — I imagine you’ll see a similar advantage. Looking forward to more!