New Year’s Challenge – Day 1

Day 1 has gone swimmingly, as I’ve transcribed Chapter 7 of Dimenxia into Google Docs.

Going back to writing that I did a few weeks ago is a different experience for me, and it seems that either I was very tired when originally writing this, or my style has actually changed a bit over the interim. But, it looks like that could only be a good thing, as there will be more self-editing to do.

My plan over the next 3 days is to finish transcribing the two other chapters that I’ve already handwritten, and then go back and rewrite Chapter 1.

I plan on writing an in-depth blog post about returning to old writings, based around my future experiences with rewriting Chapter 1.

That’s all, just a quick update to show that I’ve actually stuck to the plan for 24 hours!