Comic – Wal*Mart Pharmacy

True Tales From the Walmart Pharmacy

True Tales From the Walmart Pharmacy

Let me first say that I am indeed not the world’s greatest artist. I also have never done a web comic before, so just look past those facts at this point.

I was inspired to write this today after a visit to the Wal*Mart Pharmacy. I know that these people are busy and all, but there really isn’t much common courtesy between the employees and their customers.

Though the prescriptions only cost ~$4, the amount of time that you spend waiting for your prescription–judged solely on the amount of time that they quote you–makes the prescription astronomically expensive.

I know you guys are busy, and I know that your inexpensive prescriptions make you popular, but please, please stop telling people that their stuff will be ready in 30 minutes.

I have a few suggestions for Wal*Mart:

  1. Hire more pharmacy workers – You have two drive through lanes, each with computers, and you have two computers at the front desk. Yet, you have one person who has to attend to all of them?
  2. Start being realistic about your time quotations – If you’re extremely busy, I’d rather hear “Please come back in 2 hours” than “It will be ready in 30 minutes”, if the former is accurate. I could go home, do some work, go eat lunch, etc. Maybe this is some sort of internal marketing strategy to psychologically get people to buy stuff because they are stuck in the store for so long waiting for their prescription?
  3. If there is insurance on file, run it through first – Nothing gets me riled up more than waiting for the prescription, only to find out that I’ll have to wait again to not have to trade in my arm to get rid of a sinus infection. And for god’s sake, if there’s a problem with the insurance, tell me the first time I come for the prescription.

Well, there you have it. If you have had similar experiences at the Fail*Mart Pharmacy, talk about them in the comments. Otherwise, just multiply the time they quote you at the store by 4 or 5, and you’ll be good.

  • Alastair

    They are hoping you buy something while you are waiting.

  • Benjamin M. Strozykowski

    That was my initial thought, but I feel like that’s really shady.

  • http://n/a worksforwalmart

    Hi, I’ll let you into some insight about your situation. I work at walmart pharmacy. Reality is we DONT have the help we need. And because of that, YOU have to wait longer for your prescriptions. Also, compared to the rest of the store that all they have to do is stock shelves and do a cash register, it takes LONGER to train a new person in the pharmacy. Reason why? Theres no way a person can learn everything there is to know in 1 day. Right now Im short 2 pharmacy technicians, 1 cashier, and 1 OTC sales person. Do you think Im ever going to get it? No. Why? Because its all about $$ to the Big Dogs!!

    I wished I could get scripts out at a resonable time. But its impossible anymore. If I was properly staffed, things would flow better, less tension and stress in my department, and YOU ie the customer could be treated better and get your rx in a reasonable time.

    But when you RANT about these things…best be aware of the REAL facts. There are days where the only break I get is to PEE. You would think most jobs give you a lunch. But if I take a lunch…things get backed up, then you have to wait longer on your rx. See I give that up so YOU can be happier. So excuse me that about 5pm going NON-STOP with only a 1 minute Pee break, that Im not the jolly person you want me to be.

    Next time pause for a moment and when you go to the pharmacy….realize that we can only do with what we are given: limited staff doing the job of 10 people so corporate can get their $$$

    I wished someone could give me the help I need.

  • Benjamin M. Strozykowski

    Oh, don’t worry, I really do respect you as a person and an employee, and understand your situation.

    Obviously, I was a bit upset when I made it, so the comment about the courtesy was a low blow.

    But the overall message that I was trying to get across was that this was a WalMart problem, not necessarily an employee problem.

    And also, I’m just complaining because I can. I really shouldn’t be complaining, because compared to most places in the world, at least I can get a prescription for what ails me. Sometimes the whiny little bitch in my comes out.