Podcast Episode #2 – News, Software, and TwitterBump

This episode of the Worthless Genius podcast is a change of pace, in an attempt to get the podcast into a format that can hold up week to week. As the first episode was simply a review, this one has more opinion, and more awesome.

New Software
This episode I touch on some new software that I bought recently. I excitedly talk about how I’ll actually be getting a box for a new suite of software.

So, as discussed, I’ll be receiving the Adobe Creative Suite 4 Design Premium.

Also, I discuss going back to school, and what classes I have to look forward to.

In the news section, I discuss:

Site Highlight
In the first ever site highlight, I give a tip about a new service called TwitterBump.

Thank you for listening, and feel free to discuss this episode here in the comments. You can also email me suggestions or comments at worthlessgenius [at] gmail.com, or hit me up on Twitter, @stroz. Also, check out my FriendFeed, with username strozykowski.

So, here’s your fix:

Or you can download it here: mp3 format