Podcast Episode #3 Delayed

I had planned on releasing the third episode of the Worthless Genius Podcast today, but have decided to wait a few days.

This is partially due to my school schedule, but also mostly due to one of the news stories growing immensely in the time since I recorded the episode on Thursday.

I will be revisiting that news story, plus adding a few more things in, to make for a longer episode. One of the great things about podcasting is the ability to set my own schedule, so I don’t think the M-W-F release of a 10 minute episode each week will be working.

The plan is to put out something about 30 minutes or so once a week. The third episode is now scheduled for Wednesday morning (or midnight Tuesday, however you look at it) January 21st 2009.

At this point, the show consists of myself talking and a bit of music thrown in to break the monotony. I would like to get some Skype calls in with some developers I know, and maybe some other notable people in the future.

Thanks to all those who have tuned in, and I hope that I can make the experience a bit better for all of the listeners in the future.

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