Worthless Genius Stats

As a bit of an aside, today I’d like to talk about some stats that I’m pooling here on the site.  The stats are going to be for posts created on the old Stroz.net blog, but not including SPAM or page hits while it was running there. If you care, you can keep reading. Word Count A while back, I installed the TD Word Count plugin for WordPress.  I haven’t really paid attention to the stats, except for in passing.  To this day, I have:

  • 72,020 total published words from 161 posts

Posts Per Day That’s certainly a lot of words since the first post on April 23rd 2008.  It’s been 293 days since I’ve started the blog, which averages out to:

  • ~0.549 posts per day.

For some reason, that seems really low to me, but then again, there were large periods where I wasn’t doing anything with the blog at all. Traffic Since I began tracking the stats, right around the time I switched from Stroz.net to WorthlessGenius.com, I’ve had:

  • 1851 Pageviews

Adsense Revenue Obviously, I’m not blogging for any kind of monetary reasons, as is obvious by this stat:

  • Content Ads: $0.22
  • Search Ads: $0.13
  • Total: $0.35

This blog means a lot more to me than just ad sales, and it seems obvious if looking at hosting costs versus revenue. Akismet Stats Ah, here’s where the real fun of blogging comes in.  Akismet is a SPAM-blocking plugin for WordPress, and it does wonders.  Here’s a screenshot of the stats that Akismet produces with the plugin:

Holy Crap, Thats A Lot of SPAM

Holy Crap, That's A Lot of SPAM

Let’s just let that soak in for a minute.  I’ve had ~35x more SPAM come into my blog than actual comments, and ~3.5x more SPAM than pageviews.  For every 100 words I write, I get 8 spam comments. This probably just sounds more impressive than it actually is, and I can’t imagine what kind of SPAM stats prolific bloggers see.

What Do I Get Out Of This Blog?
With my 60 Days, 60 Posts initiatives, I get a lot of words written in a day.  This helps me get the creative juices flowing.  Comparatively speaking, I have written about 1/7th the amount of words for my novels, but I wouldn’t even want to sit and write if I couldn’t talk about meaningless junk here.

This blog is a way for me to spout my ideas, however crazy they may be.  As I’ve said in the past, I blog because I can. I would like to be a full time writer someday, but I’m being realistic in my approach.  I’m not quitting school and shutting myself up in some remote cabin in Maine.  I’m getting myself out there on the net, and working towards building up a background of experience, so that I can better hone my craft for the future.

I look forward to the rest of the time I am working on this blog, and just hope that I can still be doing this when I’m old and grey, and blogging isn’t important in popular culture anymore.