Mysterious Universe Returning?

Reader of Worthless Genius “sr71a” pointed out in the comments of the Requiem For A Podcast article that the Mysterious Universe site is showing new signs of life, with the tantalizing words “Undocking soon in 2009…”:



Entering the site presents you with a screen that allows you to sign up for updates when they are available:

No Longer in Podcast Hibernation

No Longer in "Podcast Hibernation"

Needless to say, I am super excited about this development, but there are a few questions that I have:

  • Will Benjamin Grundy be at the helm once again?
  • Will the quality be on par with what was done before?
  • Have I grown out of the content of this podcast?

I’d have to say a resounding NO to that last one.  If you were a fan of this wonderful podcast, head on over and sign up for the updates.  I know I will be happily awaiting the return!

  • A G

    Ill admit this has me excited. But I cant help but feel skeptical in the fact that he more or less just waited until all the anger and drama faded away from his horrible business practices, in order to start over. I believe in second chances and will give it a shot. But I wont remotely support any of this “poor me, sorry Im falling behind” bullshit. If hes keeping it a free podcast then there isnt a single complaint I have. But if he tries to make it a business again… well Ill have no part in that again.

  • Benjamin M. Strozykowski

    I stayed a free customer throughout, so I don’t really feel the burn of the previous business practices. Sure I missed out on some content, but the main show was just enough every week to get me excited.

  • micah

    i am a big fan of the MU podcast but i found it a few months before it went under, so i only have about 15 episodes. i have been searching the net trying to find some archives of all his shows, but i have had no luck. if anyone know where i can find some of his old shows plez post a comment. i am very excited about the return of MU and hope it delivers. i know a lot of people are pissed about Ben’s methods, but if we want to get the show back i think that the best thing to do is move on, it was only 5 bucks a month. and i was pissed but i am over it now and i just want the show back.

  • Sam

    It would be GREAT to see this podcast back again, with Ben at the helm. It’s still one of the best podcasts ever produced and Ben seemed to be a victim of his own success as a stellar broadcaster first time around. Here’s hoping the old MU community will rally to support him once more.

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