Results of the Google Wave/Voice Invite Giveaway

This weekend, Worthless Genius posted a contest where participants could win a Google Wave and Google Voice invite. Quite a few people entered, but in the end, there were only three winners:

The winners were chosen with the super-scientific MySQL query shown here:

SELECT comment_author, comment_author_email FROM `wp_comments` WHERE comment_post_ID = 1465 ORDER BY rand() LIMIT 3

results of random mysql query for winners
Congratulations to the winners, your invites are on the way. Thanks to all those who participated, and stay tuned to Worthless Genius for future giveaways.

  • Isis

    AHEM. I think you’re missing the most important part?! Which TURTLE won?! That’s the only thing we all REALLY care about. Jeesh.

  • Jed Koops

    Thanks Benjamin!!! I really appreciate the invite. Michaelangelo rocks! :-)