Mysterious Universe Season 1 Back Catalog Available



My ongoing love affair with the unknown has been bolstered once again by the Mysterious Universe podcast.

Season 2 has been a refreshing mix of the new and the old, with Benjamin Grundy returning with a new co-host, Aaron Wright.

I have been a listener since the early days of Season 1, and I’m super excited that they have again released the back catalog, this time on 8GB brushed metal USB drives.

For the low, low price of $59.99 (plus shipping), you can own the entire back catalog of Mysterious Universe, including:

  • Episodes 01 – 07 (unreleased early episodes)
  • Episodes 08 – 94 (all premium episodes included)
  • MU Specials 01 – 08
  • Mind Shots 01 – 91

I have ordered mine already, and am really excited about listening again. I was never a Premium Subscriber, so a lot of this material will be fresh to me, despite how long ago it was originally released.

If you are a fan, or just want to hear all of the great content that went through the podcast in the first season, pick up your USB drive today. If the previous back catalog DVD is any indication, the USB drives won’t be available for long.

What are you waiting for? Go pick up the greatest podcast on this planet and possibly in the universe, and enjoy the ride!