Apple’s Jan. 27 Media Event Creates More Tablet Rumors Than You Can Shake a Stick At

Apple Event Invitation

Alright, Let's See It.

It is that time again, time for Apple fanboys to go all out and present as many unfounded rumors as they can possibly muster in a week’s time.

The time leading up to a new Apple presentation has historically been filled with massive amounts of wild stories about what new shiny product the Cupertino powerhouse corporation will be coming out with next.

Though I understand everyone’s enthusiasm for the upcoming event and the possibility of an Apple-branded tablet PC, I think that I am once again going to be underwhelmed by the news. Here’s why.

Past Presentations

The Apple tablet PC has been rumored for as long as I can remember leading up to the semi-annual media events. While the tablet has gained a higher chance of being unveiled at the upcoming event, I think it is safe to say that this probability has in fact been increasing with each event.

What makes this event special? Just like every event before it, there are all kinds of “sure thing” rumors, revealing that Apple has gained trademarks and/or patents under a number of “dummy companies” which point toward a multi-touch tablet PC.

This is kind of eyebrow-raising, but again I am faced with the previous events lack of excitement. Those lights go down, and our live bloggers begin doing their thing, transcribing each breath escaping Steve Jobs’ enigmatic lips, only to be followed an hour and a half later with utter disappointment and hopes of “next time”.

I have not been positively convinced that this event will turn out any different than the long history of Apple media events.


I do not consider myself an outright Apple fanboy, but I can understand where most are coming from. Apple continues to wow me with their customer service and their hardware lasts a lifetime. I still have an iBook G4 that runs fairly well, whereas any desktop PC I owned from that era has long since gone to the landfill.

When it comes down to the day when there is a remote possibility of something shiny and new being announced by Apple, I’m right there reading the liveblog, and often I seek out the video of the presentation after the fact. But I am almost consistently underwhelmed by the fact that it seems the blogging community has much more imagination than Apple itself.

Sure, I will pee my pants with glee once the presentation starts. I will wait with baited breath as I watch a scrolling screen of text with occasional photos of whomever is presenting their award-winning iPhone Apps. But in the end, I don’t have the money to purchase anything Apple at this point in my life, so any drool induced by the announcement will end up just being a waste of water.

Satisfaction With What Is

If I have learned anything from the past Apple presentations, it is that I do not need–or have the means to purchase–whatever new gadget they are hawking.

Sure, the iPhone was nice and shiny, and the tablet may end up being drool-worthy, but right now I’m content with the state of my gadgetry, and enjoy the notion that I am not going even further into debt just to have the newest thing.

The HTC Hero and the Android platform have completely changed my view of Apple; both in business practices and pricing. I could not imagine owning a laptop other than a Mac, but in reality, I do not know if I will ever buy one for myself again. Seeing the other technological offerings out there points me in the direction of going cheaper, rather than full-featured whizbang.

Carrying around my HTC Hero has taken a lot of the technological clutter out of my everyday life. I see now that not every device I own needs to be super-powered and full of absolute unbridled win. I am content with having a phone that does some tasks a computer can perform, a desktop for gaming and high-end graphics editing, and any kind of laptop that will get me on the internet and possibly even run a text editor for web development and writing purposes.

As much as my inner geek cries out that it wants all the new shiny things, I think I am finally getting to that stage where I am acting like *gasp* an adult. I am satisfied with what I have.

What is your take on the whole Apple tablet rumor phenomenon? I would love to hear about it in the comments.