Top Reasons I Haven’t Blogged Lately (Reasoning vs. Reality)


Later is the New 'Now'

It has been a long time since my last post, and I thought I would offer some excuses reasons I have not updated Worthless Genius in a while.

So, hit the jump if you would like to read my pathetic attempt to justify my absence.

School Daze


The last semester in my Associate’s Degree program is upon me. Between signing up for classes, buying textbooks, and preparing for the classes, I have not thought much about writing.


I have absolutely been thinking about writing, but just have not found the motivation to follow through. Hell, I have come up with 6 new ideas since the last published post.

The “Too Much To Do Before School Starts” Problem


During the fall semester of school, a long list of tasks built up and gathered dust while I was hard at work doing homework and studying. I need to get as much done as possible in order to start the spring semester fresh and without worry.


I have completed a staggering amount of “To-Dos” in the interim, but seeing as these tasks were postponed until the end of the semester, and new tasks easily take their place, it is unreasonable to think that I would have completed 100% of these tasks.

Even though ~65% of the amassed tasks were completed, at least 45 more have taken their place, putting me closer to square one than I would like. And add the fact that about 20 of those tasks were blog posts ideas, I would say that I failed to meet my personal goals over the holidays. Consequently, my loyal readers suffered were given a respite.

AppIndie 2.0

AppIndie 2.0 Logo

I Made This!


I completed a long-standing project to relaunch The Appalachian Independent after a solid amount of hard work. Learning to create modules, templates, and battling multiple incompatible Javascript libraries was an interesting experience fraught with all kinds of technical hurdles.


While this contract was difficult, it has been almost two weeks since the site was launched. Aside from a few hiccups, the site has been running smoothly without much interaction, leaving me with ample free time to get things done procrastinate.

“That is not an excuse,” you say? Yeah, you’re right. Maybe the next one will be more exciting.

Fatherhood x2


Yes, this one is more exciting! I am going to be a father again, and it is no secret that I am super excited but full of angst about money, time, and finishing my last semester of school with a brand new baby to care for. All while maintaining my current level of sanity.


Offspring #2

Offspring #2

I am not at all scared about being a father again. While circumstances were a bit different the first time around, being a father is apparently something I am naturally attuned to doing successfully. My firstborn is still alive and kicking, so that is something, right?

The school work does not bother me, and with the ending classes being pretty simple and easy, I do not think that will be a factor in my overall sanity level.

The heart of this source of procrastination and fear is the money aspect. I will be finishing up school, and attempting to find work during a time of economic uncertainty with a family to feed. I am confident that I will not have a problem finding something to do (even if it means working at Sheetz). My beautiful wife has suffered through this pregnancy in a job which under appreciates her abilities at half for half the pay a normal employer would provide.

Obviously, I would like to avoid having my wonderful wife working postpartum, and that is where the fear comes in. I have grown drastically emotionally and intellectually since I had my last steady job, and I hope that fact is enough to keep me from falling back on the “I will do it tomorrow” habits I have had to combat my whole life.

This fear is purely intellectual, and when I search my emotions earnestly, I easily find that I am ready for anything the universe can throw at me. Bring it on.



Between doing desktop support for clients, website maintenance, and the dizzying amount of other tasks associated with attempting to make some money on the side to supplement my wife’s income, I have not found any time to dedicate to writing.


In some abstract form, I consider myself an artist. Sure, I do more traditional art, such as doodling or web design, but for the most part I consider myself a writer. I justify my inability to produce any sort of public material by writing the phenomenon off as a simple case of writer’s block.

This simply is not the case. I have been in a rut lately which has kept me from producing any sort of creative project and seeing it through. Sure, I have ideas coming out the wazoo, but what good is an idea if you cannot actualize that idea?

I fill this void of creativity with the usual suspects: TV, video games, movies and reading. I have actually finished 3 books in the past 2 weeks. I am not a very fast reader, and I could have certainly been using my time more wisely.

My Zombie Killing Addiction


Those zombies are not going to kill themselves…


Left 4 Dead 2 Cover

Hell Yeah.

I may portray my Left4Dead 2 playing as some sort of distraction that keeps me from working, but that would be an outright lie. In fact, multiplayer gaming has brought my wife and I great enjoyment over the past few years, further showing how completely awesome it is that I found someone so much like me.

I would not give up the opportunity to bond with my loving mate for the world. My writing be damned.

But wait, there’s more! We play online with a friend from halfway across the country. We haven’t seen this friend in a few years, but we get to meet every Friday or Saturday night for an invigorating go through the midsts of the Zompocalypse.

Killing the undead, bringing friends together since 1968

Does This Mean You’re Back in Business?

Nope. Not promising a new blog post. Maybe I’ll do it later…